Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jack Black up to No Good

This one makes no sense.

So I'm at summer camp, well day camp at the old Salt Lake City JCC. I wouldn't be surprised if Bobby Lightfoot were my counselor at some point, because we had some weird, awesome dudes working there. Anyway, we're out on the patio next to the gym, and you can look down to the pool. Ah, how many millions of kids peed in that pool (nobody tell Jedmunds, now that he's a Pandagon munchwagon)? Anyway, there are all these tables set up on the patio because it is a big lunch thing and everyone is out there. I couldn't tell if people were drinking the orange death or not, but that is another story. And Jack Black is there. He's kind of running around doing his manic, sweaty thing. People are laughing. He kind of is playing along, but there was the sense that he was getting pissed off and is possibly going to swing into a massively inappropriate Tenacious D type skit- one of the seriously gross ones from the DVD about --- -guzzling etc. and I am definitely worried. BUT, I am following him around with a microphone whispering into the mic with it really close to my mouth creating that hushed, breathy golf-announcer like sound. I'm describing to the crowd his feverish doings as he's jumping around the outside of the patio- like when he mutters to himself "I have a plan", I say into the mic "*I HAVE A PLAN*" in hushed tones and everyone laughs because they think it is going to be something funny and I'm nervous it won't be, and that I might be driving him over the edge, but hey, don't give me the mic if you're not gonna be responsible.