Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Jay Leno Is a Rat Bastard

No, Jay, thank you, thank you for nothing!

From Fulsome:

When I was flying out to Minneapolis, prior to the events that unfolded at the "three rules" post, I dreamt of the reception. Everything was fine, we were sitting at the table and chatting and telling stories. Being a reception, there was free alcohol but I was trapped in the middle of the table and so reliant on others to bring drinks when they got up to get one for themselves. By some unforseen chance, Jay Leno was at the reception. The why and wherefores of this are pretty inconclusive. At any rate, he's at the table. No big deal we're all talking and carousing. But the man won't get up to get a drink. And I'm wedged in the table towards the wall and between some girls and so I'm not really getting up. And I'm giving him looks and then the evil eye trying to convince him by whatever non-verbal means necessary to get up and get some drinks. And he wouldn't do it. The rat bastard wouldn't do it

...And then I get woken up by the flight attendent who asks what I want to drink [thank G-d, it's always tough to fly to Mn.-ed.]

Three Bulls! would like to directly challenge Jay Leno to defend himself from this dishonorable behavior. We will have him on the clock from this moment. His silence will indicate cowardly traitorousness and total cobaggery.

T+1 minute: Crickets chirping.

T+2 minutes: Yet more crickets.

T+3 minutes: Indeed.